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Skin Energy is about giving you the best possible complexion with the newest state of the art technology that is non-invasive and FDA approved. Our skin treatments are scientifically proven methods that truly work! You will walk out of our facility feeling, fresh, rejuvenated, and with the look of beautiful radiant skin while being confident that you made a wise investment in yourself.
Anyone can give themselves a home treatment with over the counter products. But the truth is that home treatments are very limited in their effectiveness. Skin Energy offers highly specialized professional skin treatments that far exceed the results of home treatments and other methods.

Owner Kimbra Champagne has been a professional make up artist in New York and Los Angeles for over 15 years. Much of that time was working for VH1 and MTV as a key makeup artist. Her work has also graced the covers of Harpers Bazaar, Women’s Wear Daily, and Cosmopolitan among other publications. Kimbra has worked with celebrity icons Aretha Franklin, Gene Simmons, Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rose McGowan, and members of the musical band Coldplay to name a few. Her passion and experience in creating beautiful make-overs led her to understand that beauty is literally skin deep. Quality skin care is what maintains and prolongs the health and beauty of our outer appearance.

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Creating and maintaining beautiful skin for life requires a simple commitment.
The treatments listed on this website work well together as a synergy.
As part of your treatment experience, Skin Energy is happy to work with you at no extra cost
to determine the course of treatments that is right for both you and your budget.
*All skin treatments come with a cleanse and SPF hydration.

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“Life in its expression in a human body is of an electrical nature. The vibrations from low electrical forces, rather than the high vibrations, produce life-flowing effects.” -Edgar Cayce